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Similar Tomatoes

Amana Orange

• indeterminate
• 90 days
• heirloom

Austin's Red Pear

• indeterminate
• 80 days

Cavalier VFNTA Hybrid

• determinent
• 68 days

Juliet Hybrid

• indeterminate
• 1 ounce
• 60 days

Huge red heart-shaped tomatoes are absolutely luscious, hefty and solid but still delicate inside with superb juicy flavor. Their shape may vary from an elongated globe to a true heart shape, but we still call this an oxheart for its wispy foliage and the fruit's meaty texture. Slice these for dinner, or when the harvest brings too many, cook them into a richly flavored sauce. Heirloom variety. Indeterminate. 80 days.

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