BHN 444 VFF Hybrid Seeds & Starter Plants

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Plum Lemon

• indeterminate
• 75 days
• soup

Lady Finger

• 75-80 days

Goliath VFFNT Hybrid

• indeterminate
• 16 ounces
• 70 days

Viva Italia VFFNA Hybrid

• determinent
• 75 days
• sauce, canning, paste, salsa, eating
• high-sugar

Crnt Gold Rush

• indeterminate
• 75-80 days

Excellent quality and size in a perfectly smooth, globe-shaped tomato with a good flavor and terrific yields. What is most significant to some gardeners is that this variety is resistant to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. This disease has become a serious problem in some Southern states because it can seriously stunt or even kill normal tomato plants, but with BHN 444, growers are able to produce a healthy crop. Determinate. 75 days.

Tomato Growers

BHN 444 VFF Hybrid
For Southern Climates
75 days